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We are a design studio based in Istanbul. As a focus, we work on brand architecture, corporate identity design, graphic design and brand strategy services.

For all the brands we work with, we seek to create a conscious differentiation by embodying the emotion, context and essence of the brand with our designs.

We believe in the necessity of revealing a unity of the rational and emotional characters of brands. We match the language of brands with the language of colors. The logos we design are visible, tactile and audible logos which reflecting the feeling of the brands.

We consider design as the visual rationalization of developed ideas. We are aware that symbols constitute the fastest form of communication in human history. That's why we care about behavioral psychology studies and try to reveal the identities of brands at every touch point.

As a design studio whose priority is ethical values, we continue to build a structure that is always open to development.

Our designs; emerges by considering local, regional and global textures. Our background as a graphic designer enables us to present up-to-date works by knowing the history of graphic design and taking into account its change over the years.

We closely follow global studies and actively contribute to global studies. In the branding process based on sociology, philosophy, literature and psychology, we benefit from these branches of science and art both intellectually and academically.

Our openness to communication throughout the branding process brings us together with ideal designs. The social dialogue we have established in cooperation with brands is our most important value proposition.

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